Target the Grab-and-Go Consumer with StackTek


It's no secret that busy people like to enjoy their snacks, meals, and beverages while on the go. Now you can offer consumers a way take a glass of their favorite beverage, and even a few snacks, in one stylish, portable package that's suitable for any outing. 

StackTek specializes in creating a premium drinking experience in even the most unconventional settings. This innovative, versatile package can hold a wide variety of products, from wine to tea, to snacks and candy, making it possible to market these complimentary items as combination packs for gift sets or picnics. Breakfast-to-go would be a cinch for the everyday commuter, as one stack could hold their yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, and more. 

With a bottling line that utilizes a modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) method, StackTek extends the shelf life and ensures maximum freshness of its products. StackTek is a vertical multipack of shatterproof PET containers that are designed to look and feel like glassware. Lightweight, reusable, recyclable, and BPA-free, they offer the consumer long-lasting benefits even after the beverage or food is gone. 

Constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of traditional packaging, StackTek offers co-packing services on its fully automated, state-of-the-art bottling line in Modesto, CA, as well as licensing opportunities for customers who prefer in-house production and want to purchase their own equipment. For more information, please email us directly at