Target the Grab-and-Go Consumer with StackTek


It's no secret that busy people like to enjoy their snacks, meals, and beverages while on the go. Now you can offer consumers a way take a glass of their favorite beverage, and even a few snacks, in one stylish, portable package that's suitable for any outing. 

StackTek specializes in creating a premium drinking experience in even the most unconventional settings. This innovative, versatile package can hold a wide variety of products, from wine to tea, to snacks and candy, making it possible to market these complimentary items as combination packs for gift sets or picnics. Breakfast-to-go would be a cinch for the everyday commuter, as one stack could hold their yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, and more. 

With a bottling line that utilizes a modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) method, StackTek extends the shelf life and ensures maximum freshness of its products. StackTek is a vertical multipack of shatterproof PET containers that are designed to look and feel like glassware. Lightweight, reusable, recyclable, and BPA-free, they offer the consumer long-lasting benefits even after the beverage or food is gone. 

Constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of traditional packaging, StackTek offers co-packing services on its fully automated, state-of-the-art bottling line in Modesto, CA, as well as licensing opportunities for customers who prefer in-house production and want to purchase their own equipment. For more information, please email us directly at 

PRESS: StackTek Expands Beyond Beverage Packaging Through Partnership With Meal Delivery Service, Yumi

LOS ANGELES, November 8, 2017 ( - Innovative packaging company, StackTek, is pleased to announce their co-packing partnership with Yumi, the one-of-a-kind, fresh meal delivery service curated by experts for infants and toddlers. The partnership marks StackTek’s official expansion beyond the wine category, an industry they’ve disrupted since 2011 with their recyclable, shatterproof PET containers that enable premium brands to offer portability and convenience.

StackTek’s patented technology allows Yumi to deliver their organic purees and signature blends in single-serve portions, each individually sealed in BPA-free, reusable containers. StackTek co-founder, Jodi Ryan, immediately recognized how well-suited their cutting-edge packaging was for Yumi’s fresh, ready-to-eat meals for tots, which often consist of exotic superfoods such as Japanese sweet potato and dragon fruit. “Yumi is an ingenious solution for parents who want convenience without compromising on quality, a key objective that was also behind the design inspiration of StackTek,” said Ryan. “As pioneers in the single-serve packaging industry, we’re highly attuned to new, revolutionary concepts in the food and beverage space. We’re proud to team up with another brand that prioritizes innovation, efficiency, and quality.”

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StackTek's innovative, single-serve containers are utilized by Yumi to deliver fresh meals specially curated for tots. (Image source: Yumi)

StackTek's innovative, single-serve containers are utilized by Yumi to deliver fresh meals specially curated for tots. (Image source: Yumi)

How to Increase On-Premise Wine Sales

Selling wine on-premise can be a tough nut to crack, but there's good news: wine consumption extends far beyond traditional restaurants and bars. With millennials now leading the way in wine sales, it's time to look to the places they frequent: 

  •  Festivals
  •  Sports arenas
  •  Concert venues
  •  Hotels
  •  Fast casual restaurants
  •  Amusement parks

When it comes to serving up wine at these locations, portability and efficiency is key. Venues want a product that reduces waste, poses no risk of glass breakage, keeps lines moving fast, and can be sold in single servings. Meanwhile, millennial consumers have a tendency to purchase products based on value, innovative design and convenience. 

StackTek is beverage packaging that hits each of those objectives. 

Already successfully selling at music festivals, amusement parks, and sports arenas, StackTek offers wine brands an opportunity to retail their products in places that are highly trafficked by wine loving consumers. It can be positioned as a 750mL bottle (stack of four shatterproof glasses), or as single 187mL servings that come prefilled and sealed.

Concessionaires love it too. After selling an unprecedented amount of wine at New York's Governor's Ball Music Festival, Spectrum Events stated: "It is astonishing how well this product sells, 15 times better than other wines."


4 Key Benefits of PET

With millennial consumers favoring products that are efficient, convenient, and sustainable, it's no surprise that PET is rising above the competition as the ideal option for alternative wine packaging. StackTek's PET bottle offers an array of advantages that benefit both the consumer and the retailer. 

stacktek containers.jpg

Commercial Benefits

With crystal clear transparency that lets the consumer see what they are buying, and design flexibility that allows for bold graphics or a minimalist style, PET provides a premium brand experience. StackTek has the ability to customize most of its packaging components, resulting in each bottle becoming a stylish reflection of your unique brand. 



PET is lightweight, shatterproof, and requires no hassle (goodbye, stemware and corkscrew), making it the perfect choice for wine lovers to take on-the-go. For those times when you're poolside, tailgating, or at a concert or festival, StackTek makes it easy to enjoy premium wine anywhere.


Less Waste

Single servings in PET are the ideal solution for portion control and on-premise consumption. Each of StackTek's 187mL cups is prefilled and sealed, resulting in less waste by consumers who simply want one or two glasses of wine without the obligation of having to finish an entire bottle. Venues value the efficiency when it comes to inventory management: no over-pouring, no spillage, and no disposing of half consumed bottles at the end of the day. PET single-serves provide a perfect pour, every time. 


Shelf Life

Thanks to barrier-enhancing technologies that include oxygen scavenger additives, PET prolongs the shelf life and quality of the products it protects and keeps them safe for consumption. Premium wines filled and sealed within StackTek containers experience a shelf-life of up to 96 weeks – the longest in the market among PET packaging.

PRESS: Central Valley Business Journal

Operations Manager Jim Duty shows a four-pack of Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi wines packaged by StackTek’s facility in Modesto, CA.

StackTek Changing How Consumers Enjoy, Keep Wine

For many, keeping wine fresh from the bottle is a challenge not easily overcome. Matt Zimmer had that same problem. He’d open a bottle of wine, enjoy a glass and then find it had gone bad a few days later.

That’s when Zimmer had the idea for StackTek. He solved the problem in a snap. Together with Jodi Ryan, the two co-founded StackTek in 2011.

StackTek provides wineries with a solution that breaks down one 750 mL bottle of wine into four stackable, single-serving glasses. The tops of the medical-grade, BPA-free plastic “glasses” snap into the bottoms of each other, making storage like that of a wine bottle... Continue Reading

A Single-Serve Package That Appeals to Millennial Wine Drinkers

millennial wine

According to Forbes, Millennials have $200 billion in annual buying power, making them the most highly targeted demographic across industries. They're also drinking more wine than any other generation - around 160 million cases per year. Known to spend their money on experiences rather than things, millennials expect innovation in every aspect of their lives, and wine is no exception. 

StackTek is innovative wine packaging that bends the rules of tradition without compromising the quality of the experience. Each 750 mL package snaps apart into 4 shatterproof servings of wine that offer the same look and feel as stemless wine glasses, but with all the convenience of plastic. Made out of medical grade PET, StackTek bottles are lightweight, portable, and perfect for portion control. 

As the preferred wine choice of venues and concessionaires, StackTek is already proving to be favored among millennials who frequent the music festival circuit. Last year Interscope Records, a company consistently at the forefront of cultural trends, sought out StackTek as a way to offer wine to their millennial consumers. Their revolutionary brand, Electric Sky Wine, has since seen massive sales success at large-scale festivals, such as Governors Ball and Bonnaroo. Attendees of these events could often be seen stacking their empty, shatterproof glasses into towers and sharing their images across social media. 

In addition to the packaging benefits for on-premise consumption, this new vehicle for wine allows at-home consumers to enjoy a single glass at a time without the hassle of opening a full bottle. No corkscrew, glassware, or pouring necessary. With single person households expected to outgrow all other household demographics globally from now until 2030 (Euromonitor International), consumers are becoming more receptive to smaller serving sizes that help prevent waste. Millennials in particular are looking for something nontraditional and outside of the box... Or bottle.