STACKTEK was brought to life by wine enthusiasts who dared to ask the question, #WineNot? As innovators & explorers, we believe in pushing limits and savoring life’s best moments… Preferably, with wine.

The adventure that began in 2011 continues today…

It all started with a series of events, as revelations often do. A glass bottle of wine, opened just a few nights earlier, had gone stale. While pouring the remnants of the bottle down the sink, StackTek’s founder was struck with an idea: What if there was a way to make wine last longer?

With the thought fresh in his mind and years of engineering under his belt, our founder set out to learn about the different obstacles wine lovers often encounter. Soon, he was hearing stories from friends who brought a bottle of wine to an outing, but forgot the corkscrew. Others complained that they preferred to drink wine when tailgating, but it wasn’t worth the hassle that comes with glassware. The more he heard, the more he realized there was an opportunity to create a solution built for taking premium wine on adventures.

Soon, one man became a team of like-minded individuals who set out to develop an eco-friendly, convenient and hassle-free container, ideal for anyone looking to enjoy wine in a nontraditional setting, like while camping or on a picnic.

As we began to solve the initial issues wine consumers face, we quickly realized that StackTek possesses additional inherent values that further lend itself to both the consumer and retailer. Benefits such as portion control and a stylish aesthetic provide a substantial lift in efficiency and incremental sales at retail, venues, and events. Today, we’re continuing to evolve our product as we grown and learn, extending StackTek’s use to industries beyond wine.

We’re dedicated to providing convenience, efficiency, reusability, a quality experience, and premium taste through continuous research and development.

Uncorking a glass bottle of wine is a beloved ritual. But there’s a time and a place for everything. 

You know what we're talking about. For those times when glassware is inconvenient, when you’re on-the-go or when you just want one glass rather than a full bottle, there’s StackTek. 

Whether you’re reaching the summit of a hike, frolicking through a festival or watching the sunset from your backyard, the moments that make you come alive are the moments that call for StackTek.

Nothing good comes from waste.  

Rather than pouring the remnants of a leftover bottle of wine down the drain, there’s now a better solution. StackTek’s efficient, single-serve design provides portion control and eliminates waste, making it a perfect option for enjoying at home, when just one glass is enough.

Also ideal for venues and concessionaires, StackTek offers an array of unique benefits when served on-premise with perfectly controlled pours, an increased speed of service, and improved inventory management.

It's AMAZING how many ways people are re-using StackTek.

Reusing and recycling items are among the most effective ways to reduce waste and protect the environment. StackTek is proud to offer a lightweight, alternative wine packaging that is fully reusable and recyclable.

Once the wine is gone, the possibilities are limitless for how you can incorporate StackTek cups into your everyday life. Use them to pack snacks, serve desserts, organize office supplies, or store small household items. Need some ideas? Check out how thousands of people are already reusing StackTek. 

Our focus is on experience and taste. 

With premium experience and taste at the forefront of its design, quality assurance is paramount in StackTek’s efforts to provide an unparalleled container for consumers, producers, and retailers.

Made out of a crystal clear, BPA-free material that looks and feels like glass, StackTek offers the sleek sophistication of glass with none of the hassle. A proprietary bottling process extends its shelf life and ensures that the last glass is always as fresh and delicious as the first.

StackTek's more than 'just for wine.'  

Like all things in life, innovation is constantly moving, changing, and evolving. The result is unending research and development that continues to push the boundaries of traditional packaging.

Whether it’s beverages, food or products, StackTek is committed to providing solutions with its patented, stacking containers.